Facing the Minotaur


Red Thread Theater’s play, Facing the Minotaur, weaves together real life journeys of courageous self-confrontation by ensemble members DR Mann Hanson, Quai Nystrom and Kimberly Shelby-Szyszko.  Julie Rosier directed an ensemble of six in a play framed by the Greek myth of Theseus, a young Athenian who braves the labyrinth to slay the man-eating minotaur at its center, relying only on a magical red thread to guide him back to freedom once the heroic deed is done. The multi-plot narrative unfurls as three storytellers descend into the twisting maze of lived experience to face the shadowy creatures that dwell at the core of consciousness. One protagonist searches for the antidote to her “toxic” voice while battling her aging ovaries. Another pushes boundaries by revisiting an interrupted childhood.  The third struggles to reconcile authentic sexual expression with fervent religious strivings. After these modern-day heroes have faced their minotaurs will the red thread, a timeless and unbreakable bond of common human experience, reveal itself in time to lead them to a triumphant return?

Kate Dickinson
DR Mann Hanson
Evelyn Holley
Christina Neubrand
Quai Nystrom
Kimberly Shelby-Szyszko

Director and Producer: Julie Rosier
Sound Designer: George MacDonald
Lighting Designer: Oliver Wason
Stage Manager: Sarah Nochenson
Assistant Director: Chaya Silberstein
Graphic Designer: Alex Rosier
General Management Assistant: Kimberly Tredinnick