RTT Story

Red Thread Theater was born in 2004, when Julie Rosier had a vision of how to combine her passions for theater and social change.  She, then, set about developing a form, whereby a small ensemble of Performer-Writers could delve into personal narrative and meld the individual stories that emerged into a transformative collective performance piece.

In the early years, she launched small group experiments such as the Revolution and Evolution Study/Writing Group, co-facilitated by Kazembe Balagun, at the Brecht Forum in 2007 as well as the Cages or Wings Writing Group, hosted by the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership in Detroit.

In 2008, Red Thread Theater’s first ensemble, the Story Owners Collective, performed its inaugural production, entitled The Red Thread: Interwoven Performance Portraits, at the Boll Family Theater in Detroit.

Back in New York City, Rosier led the Fire Inside Workshop Series in 2010, offering participants a structured exploration of how personal values shape creative and professional choices.  She also organized Producing the Common, a community forum featuring philosopher, Michael Hardt, discussing his book, Commonwealth.

In June 2011, Red Thread Theater’s first New York City ensemble premiered their show, Facing the Minotaur at The Spoon Theater (38 W 38th Street, NYC).

In 2013, a new Red Thread Theater ensemble formed in Seward, Alaska. This ensemble of women told their stories through a podcast format, after co-creating ritual, attending workshops and writing together.

Later that year, Rosier moved to the Pioneer Valley in Western Mass, hoping to find a permanent home where Red Thread Theater could root down and expand. In 2016, Rosier launched Red Thread Writing Circles, public programming to bring this unique form of community writing to a wider audience.