Detroit Ensemble

Cara Graninger is a dancer, community arts administrator, massage therapist and community builder.  She grew up all over the map, but has made Detroit home since 1993.  Passionate about contact improvisation, Cara also practices authentic movement regularly and enjoys many other forms of dance (and singing and rhythm too.) Cara loved contributing her personal narrative to Detroit’s Red Thread, one of her most transformative performance experiences ever!
Peter Putnam is the son of Peter H. Putnam Sr and Jean Castelli; the father of Henry and Lucie, husband of Julia; the teacher over the last twenty-five years of several thousand writers, the writer over the last thirty-five years of ten thousand pages (including The Song of Father-Son and Rhonda’s Talk Show). He lives in Detroit, where he has practiced revolutionary politics, become a New Warrior, and acted (for the terrifyingly first time) in The Red Thread. He is presently chasing the story of Jesus and awaiting Kirby St.’s red tulips.

Julie Rosier – Bio
Ce’Ann Yates – Bio coming soon…